Diversification of our equity within numerous market sectors is the proven key to sustainability


Patagro Handels is a globally recognised physical commodities and proprietary trading firm, working in conjunction with corporations, institutions and financial intermediaries. Our professional team specialise in a full spectrum of markets to compliment our internal strategies.





Patagro Handels has one of Europe’s most dynamic Alternative Market Management teams. Alternatives are typically instruments other than stocks or bonds, such as hedge funds, private equity, real estate and currency which can help diversify a portfolio and manage risk exposure more effectively.



Commodities & Futures


Patagro Handels also trades commodity financial products in order to compliment its selected physical commodities that it shares with institutional and corporate clients around the world.





Patagro Handels have developed strong working relationships with leaders within the film industry not only in America but also the UK and Europe providing opportunities within a slate of films operating under Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS).



Foreign Exchange


Our Foreign Exchange managed account program (MAP) is designed for partners who enjoy the higher risk to reward ratio when looking at returns and wish to hedge against a physical commodity exposure.



Real Estate


Our experienced Real Estate team brings years of knowledge to seek the best opportunities for our partners allowing us to provide unparalleled choice when utilising a Patagro Handels Real Estate Fund.



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