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Patagro Handels will be the global leader within its chosen markets by maximising the potential of every trader and every trading opportunity.


Our ambition is simple, though quite a challenge.


To be recognised as the global leader in what we do – and to bring out the best in everyone who works for and with us and in every trading opportunity. The two are, of course, inextricably linked.


By doing everything that we are capable of both individually and as a company, we will naturally assume and maintain a leadership position in both the market and in terms of our reputation.


Our History


Founded in 1990, Patagro Handels were originally established as a Swiss based physical commodities broker and have since grown to become one of the leading private organisations in which to facilitate transactions within all aspects of finance.



Our Trading


By investing in new markets and innovating new techniques we have developed a unique, risk averse approach to trading that sets new standards and produces consistent, sustainable results.



Our Values


Patagro Handels was founded on six core values. High Performing, Dynamic, Committed, Disciplined, Respectful and Passionate.

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