Talent is a rare commodity – and once we’ve found it, we seek to help the individual make the most of their talent and to turn it into an opportunity.


Getting a job at Patagro Handels does not come easily. Our criteria is stringent and our standards high, but, if you become part of our team, you become part of something special: you’re trained the Patagro Handels way developing skills, teamwork and an attitude that will last a lifetime


An opportunity


‘Working at Patagro Handels is definitely an opportunity rather than a job. When I was looking for a career in trading, there was really no question. Patagro Handels is the only company to offer a starting salary to back up their confidence and commitment in me’.


Feeding the desire for success


‘Not many people can say they’re excited to go to work but for me, every day brings its own opportunity for success. There is a great sense of teamwork and it feels like a really good time to be at Patagro Handels’.


Life Balance


‘It’s a great place to work. There is a good balance of work and play and I like the fact that its straightforward – there’s no politics, you are judged purely on your performance’.

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